Remote and Real Teambuilding

Remote & Real Teambuilding (On-Line) Today?

The current epidemic situation has turned many work teams into virtual ones.

The uncertainty we are living in generates emotional stress, fatigue and overexertion due to the existing pressures and tensions. Difficulties in adapting to the new situation and limitations of working remotely are factors that may negatively affect the performance, cohesion, interaction and motivation of these teams.

For this type of dysfunction in the pre-epidemic world, we had Teambuilding as a tool to deal with it.

Aware of all this, at Humanside Experiences we have developed a proposal of online Teambuilding experiences, which equal the results of the face-to-face ones, so that remote teams can continue to benefit from these activities.

Virtual Team Challenge

Teambuilding Remot i Real
(45-60 minutes)

A very entertaining and fast-paced team competition where the team has to pass a series of tests spread out on a virtual game board.

Thanks to the private rooms of the video conferencing platforms and the design of the challenges, the activity faithfully reproduces the essence of the face-to-face Teambuilding activities.
An opportunity to promote motivation, teamwork, cohesion and creativity in times of confinement.

Craft Beer Quiz

L’afterwork del confinament
(60 minutes)

The world of craft beer through an online gamified tasting.

Each participant receives at home their "pack" of craft beers.
Connected to a video conferencing platform, a master brewer directs the tasting.
Our facilitator tests the teams with a quiz to discover the particularities of each beer.

Get to know each other

Remote Networking
(45-60 minutes)

A really useful and fun online experience to break the ice and get to know each other better.

Our facilitator conducts a series of exercises advancing professional knowledge to staff as confidence increases.
The dynamics are carried out in small groups taking advantage of the private rooms of the platforms for videoconferencing.

Sitcom Fest

Stories divertides sobre reunions remotes
(2,5 hores)

Create and film a mini-series that shows in an entertaining way the difficulties and bad “praxis” of online meetings

Learn how remote meetings should not be through irony, parody and creativity. Taking advantage of its de-stressing and pedagogical properties, this activity gives us the opportunity to improve the efficiency and functioning of online meetings.
The "film crews" receive the technical training and support needed to film and edit the shots with their computers, taking advantage of the benefits of video conferencing platforms and audiovisual editing programs.